In a world where everything is changing so fast, technology and businesses demand more of our time and energy. Balance, compassion, autonomy & leadership are the musts for a happy and successful life.

Curious about how I can guide you to achieve these?

My Mission

My core values are learning, compassion and autonomy.

I guide individuals and organizations to create new possibilities that have impact and allow leadership at every level. I enable others to develop products, services, communities, and movements.

My Journey

It all started when I got my first PC back in 2001.

I was amazed by the magic of technology. I knew I was eager to discover more of this world straight away.

From 2009 to 2013, I did a Bachelor’s in Information Communication Technology at HAN – University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

I started my first company in 2010 while I was still a student. From 2010 until 2018. I guided 150+ Europe-based businesses with their e-commerce platform developments and growth, focusing on Magneto & Adobe Commerce Product Development.

In 2019, I started consulting companies to create more value through their e-commerce platforms.

I’ve also worked in several interim positions within organizations as an E-commerce Consultant, Agile Business Analyst, Product Owner and Business Developer.

I’m currently working as an Ecommerce Global Product Manager @ Schneider Electric.

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