Product & Transformational leader

In a world where everything is changing so fast, technology and businesses demand more of our time and energy. Balance, compassion, autonomy & leadership are the musts for a happy and successful life.

Curious about how I can guide you to achieve these?

My Mission

My core values are learning, compassion and autonomy.

I guide individuals and organizations to create new possibilities that have impact and allow leadership at every level. I enable others to transform & develop products, services, communities, and movements.

My Journey

My buddies did not believe I could have a business because my Dutch was not good enough. I got rejected by more than 122 companies.

I was working a freelancer and 2 weeks before my contract ended, I got fired and had no other options. I started my first business because I could not land a job in the online world.

I was inspired by lean start up and said to myself, 8 hours to think of a business name, an offer, a logo, a website, and Google Ads campaign to land clients. I got 5 leads and three clients pretty soon.

I did know my value and what I was good at. Had no focus and was doing anything to be successful.

My mentors were Tony Robbins, Steven Covey and everyone who did not believe that I could make it.

I was able to have a profitable business from year one and made my 1 milon revenue in the first 5 years alone.

I guided 150+ Europe-based businesses with their e-commerce platform developments and growth, focusing on Magneto & Adobe Commerce Product Development.

I’ve also worked in several interim positions within organizations as an E-commerce Consultant, Agile Business Analyst, Product Owner and Business Developer.

I’m currently working as an Ecommerce Global Product Manager @ Schneider Electric.


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