Transformational Coaching

Unleash your potential by transforming your being. Become present and have clarity in your mind and start acting with compassion to yourself and others.

Why you know so much and yet, you are not taking the right actions?

What gets in your way are certain beliefs, mindsets and blind spots in your being. It's not really about knowing what to do, it's finding out more about yourself and how you are being!

Transformational Coaching

Unlike training, teaching, facilitating or transactional coaching, transformational coaching enables you to dig deeper and find out hidden treasures within you. These treasure or blind spots are the core of your transformation.

Transformational coaching brings light to those blind spots and empowers you to see new possibilities and be in action.

The power of Transformational coaching

✓ Discover your blind spots, values, beliefs and limiting beliefs.
✓ Understand your stories and the meaning you gave to past events.
✓ Embody a new way of thinking.
✓ Drop back to your being and feel your essence.
✓ Be in action, be bold and compassionate.
✓ Feel the fire within again.

When is transformational coaching for you!

✓ You want to be yourself
✓ You want to be in action
✓ You want to be in balance
✓ You want to feel the fire inside again
✓ You know that you are destined for more

Unleash your potential

Transforming your being. Become present and have clarity in your mind and start acting with compassion to yourself and others.


Below some of the experiences of the wonderful individuals that I worked with:


Denisa Cotea
Product Leader

I met Amanj in a very delicate period of my life and in the moments when I went through a painful separation and through the fear of losing my job, he managed in less than 1 hour to bring me with feet on the ground. To empower me, to guide me and to motivate me to make an action plan. To see things from the correct perspective and to put me in the driving seat in my own life. Honostley, the calls with him were the equivalent of weeks of psycotherapy. He really managed to transform me in one session both mentally and physically.

Choose your transformation plan

Single sessions

Do you want to experience the powers of Transformational coaching? You can book and pay per session. Whenever you want, you can stop with it. No contract.

€300 excl. VAT per session of 1.5 hours

Transform 5x (most chosen)

Are you committed to experiencing a profound transformation in your being?

€1125 excl. VAT for 5 sessions of 1.5 hours

Unleash your potential

Transform and be in action, never like before. Feel the fire inside and take on what you always wanted to do but never felt ready to do it.

€2000 excl. VAT for 10 sessions of 1.5 hours

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