For years, I was wondering why is it that I know so much and yet not take the right action.

Imagine you want to lose wight, you know what you need to do! Right, you need to eat less and move more, or do both and yet most of us are still struggling with losing a couple of kilograms.

It seems the reason we don't get what we want, is not because we don't know what to do, but it's more about what we don't know about ourselves.

We have unconscious behaviours and blind spots in our being. We all have them, and transformational coaching is the way to become aware of them and start acting differently.

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Blind, deaf and dumb spots

These are areas within you that lack insight or awareness, often persistent, about a specific area of one's behaviour or personality. You might not see, hear or be able to articulate them.

We all have them. For the sake of moving forward, I'll call them blind spots.

Have you been in a situation and acted in a way, just to reflect later and learn new things about yourself?

These blind spots are in our core and are impacting us in many ways. One way to discover them is being reflective in situations or being coached to discover them.

Your beliefs, mindset & paradigm

How we see the world is truly a reflection of our beliefs, mindset, and paradigm. They all impact your being and thus your actions.

My life's quality changed because I changed. I had to go through a transformation to examine my beliefs.

These beliefs, mindset, and paradigm took time to form. They are the drivers of your action. Once you find new ways of thinking, seeing, hearing and speaking everything around you change.

Transformational coaches guide you to discover new ways of thinking, help you be in action for the sake of moving forward and discover new area's about yourself.

Your Language

Language really impresses me the more I get into it. As a fluent speaker of 5 languages, it's so interesting to see how words impact our being.

Most of us are not really aware of what words are we using when we speak and just tell things that come to us.

Language is a powerful tool to impact yourself and others. Being conscious of the words and the structure we use will be the difference between an empowered or disempowered being.

Unlearn what you have learned

Transformational coaching is helping you unlearn what you have learned that is not empowering.

Throughout the years and based on events, our experiences, our stories, and the meaning that we give, we learn.

However, not everything that we learn serves us. Some of them are limiting beliefs, others are victim mindsets, and others might be disempowering paradigms.

When you truly want to transform and perform at your best, you need to unlearn what you have learned for the sake of moving forward.

The power of your stories & meaning

The past plays a significant role in our becoming. Each experience, moment, has its impact on shaping us.

Most blind spots are here due to an event that happened in the past. Occasionally, it's not really the event itself, but the story we are telling our self and the decision that we made based on that event.

Imagine you're a kid in school and the teacher asks a question. You raise your hand and give a wrong answer, and everybody starts laughing.

To some, this could be a reason not to speak up the next time the teacher asks a question. This event could manifest itself in you right now by not having the courage to share your idea's at work or fearing public speaking.

For others, this event might push them to work even harder and only share their ideas when they are 100% sure. Thus, not taking risks.

Stories of the past, our blind spots and the worry might paralyse you.

How blind spots impact your future

Each blind spot has an impact on making you who you are. Since you are not aware of them, you don't see their impact on your life and the way you are acting.

Others, however, can see the impact of these blind spots on your life. Similiary it's much easier for you to see the blind spots of others, but what it's difficult to see is your own blind spots.

The manifestations of these blind spots can be present in your relationships, your career, and your self-image.

The impact is, that you have accepted certain things in your life to be true, and you are not working towards your heart's desire. You have accepted life to be life and go on autopilot due to some of your blind spots.

You might feel stuck or don't feel happy with how things are going in your life.


Life is happening, you are interacting with people and have many relationships. Things happen, and you might have a breakdown that manifests itself in a loss of power, freedom, or self-expression.

It makes you idle or how some call it being frozen. You might tend to numb or distract yourself by different means.

Some focus on work, others will work out, and some might use substances to deal with these breakdowns. These breakdowns are excellent opportunities to transform.


Each breakdown can lead to a breakthrough. Each breakdown holds the keys to a blind spot in your being.

Exceptional transformational coaches zoom in on those breakdowns and guide you to create a new breakthrough that will bring back your power, freedom, and self-expression.

No matter what has happened in the past or what will happen in the future. We have the power on the present moments. However, we forget that every minute is an opportunity and let our life take place.

Breakthroughs bring you in action, in the present moment. Your true powers lay in the present moment.

You can always start from now. Start by being who you are or who you truly want to be with the power of breakthroughs.

Empowered Beings

We are human beings, not human doings. Personally, for years I was working hard and doing many things to achieve success in my life.

These achievements were extraordinary, but I always felt the void and wanted more. Instead of focusing on doing, I shifted to my being rather of doing.

It all starts with your being. Who you are being. Most of us has been conditioned to do, have and be. There is a different model that can help you with the shift.

Ever caught yourself saying, I'll be happy when I go on holiday or when I have the car or when I'm rich.

Some of us know that feeling when you got that new car, or went on that holiday or bought your dream house. You were happy for a while, and then it went away.

The new shift that I like to introduce is:

The Be > Do > Have model is precisely the opposite.

The BE DO HAVE Principle - Accounting Solutions Ltd

Anything in life starts with who you must be so that you will take the right actions and have what you want to have.

In the example of losing a weight, it's not about eating less and exercising more. It's more about asking yourself how is a healthy person BEING.

So you start being that, a healthy being would do the right things again and again. Not necessary for the outcome of losing weight, but because they are healthy.

Being conscious and in action

Living life as a disempowered being is tiring. Having mental clarity and being powerful is what we all seek. Consciously saying yes or no is what we love. Being conscious is about being aware of your being and choosing what to do or not to do from your core.

Eventually, action and rest are key's to a great performance and breakthroughs in our life.

The role of a transformational coach

Unlike transactional coaches who focus on a specific outcome, transformational coaches guide you to dig deeper to discover your blind spots and create a break through.

They guide you with the discovery of your thoughts, core beliefs and bring you back to your essence, you're being. Then help you regain your power, freedom, and self-expression.

It's so powerful that you can achieve anything with this type of coaching. Even though the coach might not have expertise in your area, he can guide you because he is focusing on your being.

They act as a mirror, ask you empowering questions and see the best in you. The goal is to empower you in every situation and bring you to action because you believe in yourself and want to act.

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